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The USB Condom

September 12, 2013



So a while back, @drakkhen and I were chatting and he suggested a simple device that would let him “airgap” his mobile devices from his computer but still use them for power. Like a “Charge-Only” USB cable but in an “adapter” form that you could use on normal USB Cables (the only previous alternative was […]

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Reykjavík, Iceland (Nordic Sec Conference)

August 27, 2013


Our class...

We took our “ARM Exploitation” course to Iceland at the request of old friends. We’ve long admired some of the Iceland guys, so we decided to go. NordicSec was a small conference but pretty dense in talent/skill. Our class was small but that was to be expected. It was great though to see so many […]

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July 31, 2013


Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 5.58.03 PM

For the last few years on this blog we’ve been publishing more and more about embedded systems. We started with “Disassembling Blackberry Apps” which (to this day) we still get emails about thanking us for the disassembler patches we released. A few years back as Ridley was getting into “hardware hacking” and attacking embedded systems […]

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