Blackhat Vegas 2010 (PhotoJournal)

Posted on September 16, 2010 by


At the very last minute (partly due to some conversations on Twitter). Beans was invited to BlackHat Vegas 2010 to speak as an alternate. Having not officially applied to the CFP, it was a huge honor to be considered in this way. (Having already given the talk at Recon 2010 and Syscan helped, along with the support and “vouch” from Dino.) Unfortunately though, we did not get the opportunity to speak due to the great schedule of speakers already lined up. However, we did get the chance to attend lots of neat parties and events like the Adobe Hater’s Ball, Adobe Pool Party, the ImmunityInc’s Hackcup, AttackResearch, the Microsoft Party, Core’s Party,  iSightPartners, the Pwnies,  etc. Blackhat was also a good opportunity to get to reunite with friends with and meet lots of “infosec luminary” types. All in all it, was a cool trip capped off by a great party thrown at Tryst by Alex Sotirov and Dean DeBeer. Although we didn’t get an opportunity to speak at Blackhat Vegas 2010, we will be presenting at Blackhat Abu Dhabi 2010, (it’s the same talk from Recon 2010) and we’re looking forward to it.

My full photo journal of Blackat Vegas 2010 is here.