Beans on NPR

Posted on July 28, 2012 by


Following our talk at Blackhat 2012 entitled “Practical ARM Exploitation”, we were honored to be asked to participate in a BlackHat press conference. After getting briefed by the Media Coordinator and Vincenzo Iozzo  we summarized our talk and training in the simplest of terms to a room of reporters and journalists. After the press conference we were approached and interviewed by a number of interesting journalists, writers, and reporters from the media gestalt (Reuters, MIT Tech Review, Notre Dame, et al). But of all the talking we did, the most interesting output came from the ~1.5 hour recorded interview we gave to Steve Henn of NPR. At first we thought the recording device was just for his notes. At the time of the interview he seemed undecided on the story (with still a number of other folks like Charlie Miller on his schedule for interviews). We understood, and asked him to let us know if he ultimately decided to run the story and when (so we could tell our moms).

Fast forward to a week later. Recovering from Vegas. Opening the door, getting home from the gym. 20 missed calls. A plethora of emails and unread messages on social media sites from friends and family all over the U.S. Everyone had heard us in their cars and in their kitchens. Surreal.

“Hackers Convene to Find Mobile Security Flaws”

Kinda a FUD piece. Kinda not. Oh well, 2 hours of talk condensed into 4 sound bites makes it tough. It was cool to be on the radio though.

The NPR article and recording of the radio segment are all here. or a mirror of the MP3 here.