Teaming Up With Trail of Bits

Posted on August 8, 2012 by


Following our Blackhat 2012 training and talk we received a bunch of emails, tweets, and IMs  asking one thing:

“When are you going to offer this to the public again? I couldn’t make it to the BlackHat course.”

With the exception of CanSecWest and BlackHat we’ve mostly been giving this (and customized versions of similar training) privately. We are proud to announce that with the help of the awesome guys at Trail Of Bits, we will be offering our course to the public this November in New York City!

Register (and learn more) over at Trail Of Bits!


For those of you that took the shortened 2-day version of our Blackhat 2012 course and felt a little rushed. Join us in New York for the full 4 days at a MASSIVE discount. Be sure to bring your GumStix, register with the same name and email, and indicate you took the course. Do this and you’ll save a BUNCH of money.

We just wanna hack ARMs with like-minded folks so:

Come exercise your right to bear ARMs with us!