A day trip to Source Seattle 2012

Posted on September 13, 2012 by


About a month ago we gave a high-level talk about the threats to mobile devices at Source Seattle 2012. We talked (in the “Business Track”) about our experience developing the Practical ARM Exploitation course and also spoke anecdotally about our experiences reverse engineering and exploiting software on mobile devices and embedded systems.

The talk was a more “executive level” version of our Blackhat Vegas 2012 talk  so we didn’t dive into the gritty details of software exploitation on ARM. This talk was essentially the same talk we gave in Seoul Korea a few months back (but with a bit more Android exploitation stuff sprinkled in…because  we’ve been looking at that a bit lately).


Source Seattle was a nice time. The conference was small and intimate and was a day well spent (we drove up from nearby). It was fun to see familiar faces and get into some mathy discussions of Statistical Classifiers and Natural

Language Processing during Stephan Chanette’s talkall stuff that I (Ridley) was obsessed with for a bit.

It was also really cool to get a personal up and close demo of  the disassembler Christian Rioux has been coding over at Veracode. I’d always heard good things about it but never seen it in its new “standalone” incarnation.

The slides from our talk are here. There are some embedded images below but  here is a fully captioned photo-journal as well.

Thanks again to Christian and Stacy for inviting us out. It was a little hairy getting up there but glad we finally made it happen.

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