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A Lackluster ‘Hack Cluster’: ARM Exploitation Lab Preview

March 1, 2012 by


As we have announced in other blogposts we’ve been researching mobile platforms quite a bit (specifically those that use the ARM microprocessor). We compiled all of our notes on ARM reverse engineering and ARM exploitation and built a course called “Practical ARM Exploitation” that we will be publicly debuting this coming week at CanSecWest.  The […]

Hardware Hacking for Software People

August 25, 2011 by


For most of my career as a software developer/security researcher I’ve romanticized ‘hardware hacking’. In my late teens and early twenties as I was learning about software development and software security I would occasionally buy Nuts and Volts from Microcenter and read Karl Lunt‘s Amateur Robotics column. Having devoured William Gibson‘s oeuvre in my late […]

SummerC0n 2011 retrospektiv

June 11, 2011 by


This summer Beans had the honor of speaking at SummerC0n in NYC. At SummerCon 2011 we debut’d a talk on Hardware Reverse Engineering with the help of Rajendra Umadras of Intrepidus Group. (This talk was given later in the summer at Recon 2011). SummerC0n is one of the older (maybe one of the oldest) “grassroots” infosec conferences with […]

Why Spam Looks Like That (Part 1): A Laymen’s peek into Natural Language Processing, Statistics, and Neural Networks

February 1, 2011 by


I had always wondered why spam looked the way it did. Is it written by people in the third world that don’t really know English? Why does the sentence structure look kinda correct but not quite?  Do people really click the links in blogspam? What is all this hubbub about SEO? In this two part […]