Talks & Trainings

“Real-World Security in Real-World Devices” (expert panel)

“Advanced ARM Exploitation” (talk)

Advanced Exploitation of Mobile/Embedded Devices: The ARM Microprocessor” (Talk)

“Hardware Hacking and Software Exploitation on the ARM Microprocessor”  (Talk)

Practical ARM Exploitation” (5-day training) (sample deck: “ROP on ARM“)

“Hardware Stuff for Software People” (Talk)

“GreyHat Ruby” (Talk)

  • Source Boston 2011

“Hello Moto: Android Malware Reversing” (Talk)

“Why Spam Looks Like That” (Talk)

  • OWASP New York March 2011 (Park Avenue KPMG)

“Escaping the Sandbox” (Talk)

  • Blackhat Abu Dhabi 2010 (United Arab Emirates)
  • ReCON 2010 (Montreal, Quebec)
  • EuSecWest 2010 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • SysCan 2010 (Singapore & Vietnam)

“Often Overlooked Security Vectors” Delaney & Ridley (Talk)

  • SDWest 2009 (Santa Clara, California)

“Intro to Windows Kernel Security Development” (Talk)

  • uCon 2009 (Recife, Brazil)
  • SysCan 2009 (Singapore)

“Introduction to Reverse Engineering Software” (Guest Lectures)

  • New York University (Polytechnic) 2009-present (reverse engineering and fuzzing)

“Reversing Malware” (Training)

  • U.S. Department of Defense Cybercrimes Division 2008
  • GovCert 2008 (The Hague, Netherlands)

“‘Fuzzing Frameworks. Fuzzing Languages!?'” (Talk) [japanese version]

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